PRECIOUS GIFT – realize how intimately you are loved by God

precious gift of God - you are intimately loved

What a PRECIOUS GIFT Jesus uncovers to us! Have you ever realized how intimately you are loved by His heart? He provided such replies to those who tried to urge Him to meet Mary, His mother,and yet He looked at those around Him and responded: “Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.” (Mark 3:31 NIV Bible)

Family is the most precious gift for humanity. The loving and respectful relationships we experience stands as a protective wall in each of us during any tribulations in this life. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, are those who shaped us the most, who nourished our needs for others and love; who forgave and fought for us in times of our weaknesses; who encouraged and approved of us as gifts to this world and helped the best versions of ourselves to grow. However, many of us more or less struggle with invitations to embrace family-type relationships…

The bad events which we experienced in our families, resulted in the deepest fissures in us and now stand as an accuser witnessing against any true intimacy. Even more: some of us were in a family where love and security were not the daily bread,rather a rare exception or never even tasted food. Some of us lived in families, where we lived as if in an orphanage, than those living in true orphanage homes. God knows every tear, every unfaithfulness or abuse we experienced in our most intimate human relationships. He knows the depths of our wounds and our cravings… our starvation for love that we had to suffer in our broken families. Unwillingness in our hearts to hear anything about new brothers or sisters, He invites us to embrace in His body, is so understandable to Him.

He knows us. He knows our tension arising from all our wounds. The resistance in our hearts which arises when we hear Him inviting us to embrace Him as our Father or Brother… Nevertheless, He doesn’t stop reaching our hearts by offering His heart to us through the most intimate relationship possible. And He assures us. He is sure about that. Jesus assures us of His presence for us. His response bares the powerful truth: no one in God’s will remains an orphan but becomes a family with God Himself. Jesus calls us to enter that will with our lives. He reaches voids of our hearts and Himself becomes the answer to our loneliness.

Jesus, I come to You with all my misery. I confess my struggles to relate to You intimately. Look at me and soften my heart, empower me to do God’s will as You did it. I thank You for Your intimate love.

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