Useful links

Do not stay alone in your brokenness and fights! Check these useful links to find resources and people, who are already reaching towards You with help 

(this list is for your informational purpose only)

For  those seeking healing in relational or sexual brokenness .

Desert stream ministries. Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries provides help for Christians struggling with sexual and relational problems. Their help is based on the biblical foundation of compassion, integrity, and dependence on God. They run a worldwide known and very fruitful programs. This ministry helped me tremendously to proceed in my healing journey from sexual  and relational brokenness caused by sexual abuse experience in my childhood, long lasted addiction to masturbation and porn, and many other stumble blocks. I become much more able to love other well through encouragement, good voice and prayers this ministry provided. I highly recommend them. Find out more on:

Restored hope network. An inter-denominational membership governed network dedicated to restoring hope especially for those fighting with same sex attraction and/or their family members. A lot of good resources. Check:

Courage. Courage is an international apostolate of the Catholic Church, which ministers to persons with same-sex attractions. Find your answers.

Protective Software for Sex, Porn, and Love Addicts: Product Reviews by Rob Weiss.  Very informative, with resources provided.


For those seeking freedom from addiction to alcohol (and/or their close ones, who suffer together)– a lot of  helpful resources could be found in the – an organisation connecting people seeking treatment to resources they need. You are not alone – reach out, as many already are reaching towards you! – A free web resource seeking to educate those on mental health and substance abuse issues. Readers can learn about risks of various substances, the latest approaches to treatment and real stories of recovery on

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