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sister for youSister for You: about the site

Sister for you is a site that offers a safe place where healing can reach those who struggle with loneliness, despair, sexual or relationship brokenness, or those who simply want to be encouraged or desire to encourage others. Don’t be alone! Join me and let’s  be good voice for one other, strengthen one other by prayer and testimony of hope and victory in struggles many face.

If you minister to someone with sexual addictions or other similar brokenness or maybe yourself deal with those alone  – You are welcome to explore my Blog, where I share testimonies and insights from my own journey as well as from ministry. It might be helpful and encourage. Also check useful links page and find links to other good resources, where help can be found. 

If you have christian testimony to share – please just do that here and encourage others! If You need intercession – leave your prayer request here

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Why sister for You?

Because: “But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers.” Mt 23:8 …because I am a sister for You in Christ. I am no teacher or expert. However, about nineteen years ago, in the midst of my sexual addiction, Jesus approached me and enlightened me about the miserable state I was in then, and invited me into hope.  This was also when I consciously decided to follow Him. My best decision ever!

My journey of healing, from experiencing sexual abuse in childhood, and sexual brokenness due to my own addiction to porn and masturbation, began then. All these years God faithfully fights for my even deeper healing and happiness. I am so happy to witness now how His accomplished healing in me reaches those around me, whom I love. I am still on my journey, however, lots of freedoms and good victories are already my reality! What a joy!

With each year, as I progress with Him, life becomes sweeter and I become more and more able to love. I am so thankful for that… He definitely has changed my life for the better, and this is still not the end!  I am so happy to share the lessons I have learned, from Him and His Life, with others. My heart is burning for those who still are imprisoned, in one way or another, who suffer from an absence of love in their lives. It’s all about Jesus, Him alone. He is the only true healer of our hearts.  I only have this hope to share, but His hope has never failed me.

That comfort that He poured into me, which healed my broken heart so profoundly,  might now encourage others. What a privilege it is for me to take part in His ministry for others who struggle just like I did… This is my desire and joy – to extend His healing and love to those who feel confused, lost, or alone in their own struggles. I know how loneliness and confusion feel, but those are not our inheritance from Him! I needed time to understand that, to realize how much depended on my own choices, and that I didn’t need to stay miserable in my life.

Afterwards, I spend quite a long period learning how to walk in His ways, and how to quit walking my own. Not every season of healing was happy and victorious. Some were painful indeed, but those experiences allowed me to meet Him and to know Him as the first One, fighting for our happiness, so that we can all live life in abundance.

During my first years as a Christian, many times I privately begged Jesus to heal my certain ugly wounds and flaws. I stumbled in shame and was so unwilling to let others know my secret and shameful problems.  No profound healing came until I allowed Jesus to pour healing into me through others. He insisted I die for my own secrets, and entrust them fully to Him, and that meant to His body-Church-my concrete brothers and sisters – as well. The first steps of such surrender were near death experiences for me, but now I see how necessary and freeing, how fruitful and blessed they were! Other Christians were, and still are so viable to my journey to wholeness!

In certain seasons, however, I also had encountered a lack of authentic relationships with my brothers and sisters of Christ, due to a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons were very simple. Either others around me were as broken as I was and unable to minister to my brokenness, or those a bit ahead in their journey with Christ and able to minister, physically could not be for me.

In those hard seasons I would find myself truly starving for those who would desire, or have time, to walk with me a yard or two on my healing journey, and to fight together for more God in my life. Of course, I also have to confess, that during the first years of my healing journey I was extremely insecure to hear the “no” from others. I was so insecure, in fact, that I often failed to ask for help just because I assumed a certain person, who could have helped, was too busy.  After all, my own schedule was often too busy for live, physical meetings with other Christians, due to intensive studies in medicine…

Only when I overcame those obstacles and reached for others,  allowing them to know my true self, Jesus had touched my heart with His most profound healing. When I hid behind different excuses I postponed my healing tremendously…

Based on my own healing experiences, as well as others (to whom I was privileged to serve during seventeen years in my inner healing ministry with my Christian community), I am really convinced that certain wounds of our hearts Jesus likes to heal through the presence of others, who fight for us and minister to us. Maybe it’s better to say that, most often, the healing of certain wounds comes through the community – His body. Of course, we never can put God into any box or rule.

Nevertheless, so many times I witnessed Jesus using a concrete sister or brother of Christ in order to heal the broken one, or to tremendously ease his journey towards freedom. That is a huge help, and a gift we can offer for one other, and God himself invites us in such relationships. This site will hopefully be the starting point for one more blessed place on the Internet, where such a good presence of others can be found.

The periods when I stumbled make me sad now, as I had refused good gifts that God was offering to me then. Now I see that the more I am healed in certain relational or sexual wounds of mine, the more authentic my love becomes. In turn, others around me can encounter blessing instead of hurt.

Creation of this site was fueled by the wish to simply offer one more safe place, where healing can especially reach those who struggle with loneliness, despair, sexual or relational brokenness, addictions, or those who find it difficult to relate authentically to their local Christian communities, for various reasons, and therefore often feel lost and without help. You are not alone – that is the message.

Do know that at least one real heart is reaching towards you and is willing to accompany you with intercession or words of encouragement on your journey towards freedom and wholeness. Love is real and possible! We all are called to inherit it before God, therefore it is SO WORTH SEEKING! I will be so happy to take part with you in His big promise and grace…

I also invite you to become a help or good voice of His, for those who come to this site seeking help, by sharing your testimony or joining a prayer community with intercession.

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Be blessed! With prayer for You!

V. Donec