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books for life. make me beautiful forever


a novel

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A girl painfully strives in daily efforts to become beautiful, which eventually always fail her. However, one day she experiences a life-changing shift in her pursuit for beauty. That change opens completely new horizons for the young woman and makes her beautiful forever.

Read the story and know her secret!

This story may truly change your life for the better.



books for life. Shame. My ugly enemy.My faithful friend

SHAME. My ugly enemy/My faithful friend

a novel

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Adam is a successful man rapidly advancing his career, however, he is stuck in secret, shameful sexual addictions and emerging loneliness. One unexpected meeting, in the midst of his addictive behavior, changes his life by the introduction of two mysterious strangers, who imply different directions for his future.

Adam has to decide, whom to follow…

If  you  were bound by chains of addiction or felt trapped in the secrets of your own, what would you choose?

*Recommended for mature readers as book refers to sexuality issues.*


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books for life. Love vs masturbation difference matters

Love vs masturbation

A project I am working on.

Hopefully, will be available  on Amazon soon!


Helpful insights for everyone interested in these topics.


and more in future (God willing!)

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