Lightning and a words: Light travels faster than sound

How to reach people’s hearts?

photo of lightning and a words on the picture that tells - Light travels faster than soundToday I was thinking about how to reach people’s hearts, to truly reach them with the Good News.I was driving our car when it started to rain and my children began to shout that they could see lightning and hear thunder. Along with my son, we began to explain to the younger sisters why lighting comes first, as they got curious… Well, I said, light travels faster than sound.Just as I said that I felt as if the Holy Spirit stopped me and said pay attention to what you just said and my earlier dilemma was unexpectedly answered. It all became so clear. The light travels faster. The light is the most efficient way to reach people hearts. Gentle light. Mighty light. So easy then to understand the saying “Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words,” (St. Francis).The light of our lives and in our lives has the strongest power and is the fastest way to touch people at deep levels. Not any our personal imitation of light, but true light. His light in us. The most precious witness for others.I suddenly remembered people who had such light and were good news for me, I also recognized the usual longing and search for this light in anyone from whom I hear the teaching. The human heart naturally longs for light. The more hungry we are, the more we desire. The more we tasted life, the more we know the disappointment of deception.It’s so encouraging, that there is an easier way than words, the faster way. But just at the same time so demanding true intimacy with Lord, true life according to His teaching, so my only prayer today: Holy Spirit accomplish this light in me, in us!

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