SHARE A TESTIMONY – triumph, give glory, testify

share your testimony“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” Rev 12:11 Bible NIV

I invite you simply to share (by writing a comment below) any victory God has accomplished in you, especially one that has enabled you to love others more, and/or to relate with others in a healthier way. We know that we are all still on a journey to wholeness, so you don’t need to be perfect or completely healed in order to share, but as we share the comfort and hope we’ve received from Him, we extend His grace to others. The personal gift you have received from God was freeing and special for you, and it at least will serve as a word of hope for those who are struggling or have lost hope and wonder if any change in him/her for the better is possible at all. Your story can be a proof that God is worth trusting! Your testimony can serve as powerful encouragement that Christ is alive and is healing people, and such simple ministry can be encouraging for broken ones. Each of God’s works in us, big or small, is worth sharing!


Short note: please, as you share, be as specific as you can in this season of your life. May your testimony be about what God did in your life not your personal accomplishments, but His lead.  Concrete ways how He guided you to your better self are very valuable to hear. To Christ be the glory through every writing. Please do not share any personal data about other people  just your own story. The administrator of this page retains the right not to post your comment; in such a case, you will be contacted through email, and the reason for that decision will be provided. Please do understand that this is needed in order to avoid offensive content.

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